Thingtlang Tlangval poster

A story about a teenager who lives in a remote village, who moves to the city for further studies with his best friend, where he experience many new things, fall for the wrong girl, he was betrayed and hurt, fought hard to get back on the right track,later on he found his true love.

Thingtlang khaw pakhat ah hian tlangval pahnih inkawm ngeih tak an awm a, college an kal zawh hnu chuan Aizawl lam ah lehkha zir zawm tur in an kal dun a. Chu tah chuan an thil la tawn ngai loh tam tak an tawng ta! Hmangaihna a vang a bum kual leh tih natna nasa tak an tawh na kar ah hmangihtu dik in a rawn chhanchuah dan chanchin ani.